Wallpaper or Wallcovering, is a material used to cover and decorate the interior walls of homes, offices, and other buildings. They are sold in roll form.

Wallpapers adds life to your walls and colour to your life!



Beautiful walls are decorated – never bare – and wallpaper is the perfect choice for the best-dressed walls.

Plain, painted and plastered walls are no matches for the beauty, durability and personality wallpaper conveys. Whatever you want to convey, there is wallpaper to express it.

From restoring a vintage house to its original grandeur to making a stark, contemporary dwelling more comfortable, today’s wallpapers offer traditional elegance, country charm, or contemporary sophistication – whatever look you desire.

Here are some reasons to install Wallpaper:

  • Colourf & happiness to your walls.
  • Set  a theme – Wallpapers help you to define a theme for each area. Eg: Cartoons in a kids room and books designs in a library.
  • Brightens a dark room
  • – Adds character to a dull room
  • – Warms up a room with no architectural features
  • – Creates a cozy atmosphere
  • Look big factor – Wallpapers makes your room look larger than it is in real life.  They basically fool your eyes, and form a delusion that the room is bigger. For example, vertical stripes make your ceiling look taller.
  • Coordination with furniture -The room gives a  new sense of style just because you can match the wallpaper with your furniture and flooring and bring up a decor theme all together. This will also cover up the space which may otherwise look empty or not utilized.
  • – Reveals your personality more than any other wall treatment
  • Conceals unfinished walls – by covering hairline cracks and other marks, defects & imperfections.
  • Better colour fastness – Wallpaper retains its original colour.
  • – Wallpapers are always “In” – Wallcoverings are a timeless decorating product. As new styles emerge, wallcovering designers capture it, define it and present it in a variety of color choices.
  • Latest Decor trend in Sri Lanka – Although it has been used worldwide for decades and in Sri Lanka in the 1980’s, Wallpapers is the newest fashion statement in the island. It’s now here to stay.
  • Durable
  • Washable / Scrub-able
  • Easy to install – All you need is a flat surface and your set!
  • Less maintenance – Unlike walls that need to be re-painted periodically, wallpapers require less maintenance.
  • Inexpensive – While the initial investment is higher, choosing wallcovering over paint can result in a savings of 30% or more over time. Read more (http://www.ngpp.org/consumers_why_wallpaper.php)
  • Long lasting (5-10 years). Studies show that wallcoverings now last five times longer than paint. Most vinyl wallcoverings can retain their original beauty and performance characteristics for at least 15 years, whereas a painted surface must be cleaned more frequently to maintain its appearance, and generally requires repainting approximately every three years.
  • Fire retardant – Wallpaper will not catch fire and spread flames.
  • Strip-able – If you would like to change your Wallpaper after a while, our products can be stripped and replaced with another Wallpaper, without having to redo the wall.
  • Eco friendly & Recyclable





What are the different types of Wallpaper/Wallcovering?

There are two main divisions:

  • Residential Wallpaper (0.5m width)
  • Commercial Wallcovering (1m width)

The following table briefly explains the uses of each Wallpaper/Wallcovering

Residential Commercial Designs Strength Breathable Washable
Paper on Paper Yes No Many Less No Yes/No
Vinyl on Paper Yes No Many Less No Yes
Flock on Paper Yes No Many Less No No
Vinyl on Fabric/Nonvowen No Yes Less More Yes Yes

Commercial Wallcoverings are produced specifically for use in hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings, retail outlets, schools and hospitals. They are more robust, durable and are suitable in areas with heavy traffic. They are mostly vinyl textured with subtle designs and are backed with vinyl-fabric. The widths range from 1m to 1.3m, so there are few joints. Please view the below image for the difference between Type 1 & 2 Commercial Wallcoverings. (The difference is strength.)

Wallcovering Type 1 and Type 2


Where can Wallpapers be used?

Anywhere in any commercial building, hotel or home (ceiling, kitchen and bathroom included!). Some products can also be used on the floor as walkways for exclusive programs such as weddings.


Can it be installed in a humid or moist climate?

Yes. Wallpapers can be installed even near the beach, as long as the wall isn’t damp from above or behind, and isn’t directly exposed to rain water. Fabric-backed Wallpaper (Non-woven or Scrim) are “breathable”, that means there is no moisture due to rapid evaporation (which otherwise causes mould and fungus to spread).


Can wallpaper be washed?

Yes. Wallpapers are washable & scrub-able with mild soap, warm water and a soft sponge.


What kind of surface do Wallpapers need?

Any smooth surface without any moisture will do eg: wall, plywood, gypsum board etc. This wallpaper preparation page covers it all.


How is Wallpaper sold?

It is sold per roll. Most rolls are 0.5m width by 10m length, with an area of 5 sqm (50Sqft).


How are Wallpapers installed?

They are installed on the walls by applying a special Wallpaper glue. We are distributors for these adhesives as well.


Do you have a variety of designs?

Yes! We have the largest collection in the country, with the best prices. Our collections range from Royal | Modern | Floral | Natural | Kids.

Regardless of your taste  and requirements, we have the Wallpaper to match it. Guaranteed.


What is the price of the Wallpapers?

The price depends on the design you choose. Our collection ranges from 150 Rs/Sqft to 400 Rs/Sqft. We have enough variety to match your budget.


How long does it take to deliver the rolls?

We deliver the rolls in 3-4 days within Colombo limits.


Is there a minimum roll requirement?

No! Any number is a good number for us.


How do I order?

Contact us! Or visit our showroom
Click here to view our contact details.


Do you provide installation of Wallpapers?

Yes. Please contact us and we can guide you.


Based on the dimensions of my room, how many rolls do I require?

Please view the Wallpaper Calculator below to calculate your needs. (Note: These figures are only for estimate purposes)



How do I decide on which Wallpaper to get?

  • Decide on a theme and colour scheme
  • Set a price (low, med, high, exclusive)
  • Browse through our categories from our website or showroom (Royal, Modern etc). We highly advise physically seeing and feeling the wallpaper before purchasing. You can visit us at our showroom.
  • Pick the design that matches your taste and budget. Our variety guarantees that we can cater to your specific needs.


Do I need an interior decorator? 

Not necessarily. You can browse through the wallpaper books to find the wallpaper that suits your taste.


What can I do with the remaining Wallpaper from the roll I purchased?

With imagination, the sky is the limit! You can use them as wrapping paper, frames, furniture covers etc. Read the links below for ideas on how Wallpaper remaining wastage can be used:







Are you a distributor for interior products?

Great! We are looking for all Island distributors in Sri Lanka & Maldives for our Wallpaper products. You can represent us as a distributor to supply our products in your region. Please contact us for more information.


How is Wallpaper made?

Please view the following videos:




 How to hang Wallpaper?